yoga with layaly


weekly Thursday class

At Yoga Point, Brixton. 11:30-12:45

Sunday workshops

At Yoga Point, Brixton. 2:15-4:45 next dates, 23 Febuary and 29 March 2020.

About Me

Layaly qualified as an Iyengar teacher originally and has over 15 years teaching experience. Her classes explore yoga practice through classical postures with attention to alignment. Classes are a balance of dynamic active postures and also quiet recuperative postures to give a well-rounded practice. Her teaching has been inspired by her years of study with teachers including Jim Tarran, Alaric Newcombe, and Mira Mehta, author of Yoga the Iyengar Way. She encourages gentleness and patience as a means to nurture a sustainable practice that can grow in sensitivity and depth and be a joy for a lifetime.